NND-9070 Mastering UI tests | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days Ticino 2019
on Saturday 5 October

   Mastering UI tests


Modern Web
Intermediate level
Room C Saturday from 11:15 til 12:00

Have you ever wrote a successful UI test? How many times did you end up discarding a UI test because it's brittle and unmaintainable? And even if you don't write tests, tell me: do you click/type/click/click/setcookie/click/click while developing your UI?

I'm going to explain you the most important best practices that allow you to master the UI tests hell, sleep at night (because you are sure your project works as expected), test the back-end responses too and completely revolutionize the way you develop your UI!

I'm going to talk about - UI testing best practices - live demos with Cypress - improve your workflow using a UI test framework as your everyday working tool (so it's not only about testing)

testing   Javascript   project automation tools   experience  
Stefano Magni
Stefano Magni
From conio.com

I'm a positive-minded, perfectionist, front-end developer & a Cypress Ambassador. I work for an amazing Italian Bitcoin (wallet and B2B solutions) startup: Conio

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