MOV-4579 One app to rule them all - Building a white-label application with React Native | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days Ticino 2019
on Saturday 5 October

   One app to rule them all - Building a white-label application with React Native


Modern Web
Intermediate level
Room C Saturday from 14:10 til 14:55

More and more companies want to have their own application, some even want to have more than just one. But, as you know, the cost of developing one app is high, and often enough developing a whole suite of applications, even if similar to each other and sharing some characteristics, is even more expensive and time consuming. Developing three to four applications at once is often too much for a small team of developers.

Here comes in our help React Native. The framework already provides a way to build applications for both iOS and Android in one go, but we can push it even further. In this presentation we will see how to build a white-label application, a mould that can be used to generate several apps.

Given a suite of applications that share a similar structure (e.g., the navigation system) and have common content (e.g., an area that appears in two or more applications), we will see how to build an application that helps avoiding code repetition, yet allows each individual app to have its own content and custom styles.

React   React Native   White-label   Javascript   Mobile  
Amedeo Zucchetti
Amedeo Zucchetti
From WellD

I grew up in Ticino, Switzerland, where I did elementary, middle and high school. In 2012, I started studying History and Art history at Université de Neuchâtel. Starting from the second year, I expanded my curriculum by taking also some classes from the Mathematics and Informatics departments. After completing the Bachelor of Arts, I decided to start studying computer science, instead of continuing with humanities. In 2015 I started a Bachelor's in Informatics at Università della Svizzera italiana, which I completed in June 2018. I'm currently a software developer at WellD, Lugano, where I work mostly with React and React native. I'm also member of the board of directors of SA.

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