INU-3405 Gradle Ex Machina | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days Ticino 2019
on Saturday 5 October

   Gradle Ex Machina


Java & the Java ecosystem
Intermediate level
Room C Saturday from 13:40 til 14:00

The Gradle Build Tool is quite powerful and flexible, perhaps too flexible if you ask around. Every where you turn you encounter custom builds with different conventions and arrangements. If only there was a way to follow a structure than ensures top-down constraints in a build. Well it turns out it's possible! Come learn how you and your organization can leverage the powerful features found in the Gradle Build Tool while at the same time reducing clutter and head-scratching moments.

Gradle   Apache Maven   plugins  
Andres Almiray
Andres Almiray
From Oracle

JSR377 Spec lead, Java Champion, Hackergarten.

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