Mauro Ferratello | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days Ticino 2019
on Saturday 5 October

I'm a software craftsman, agile passionate, and DevOps evangelist. Actually I'm a Solution Architect in Dos Group group and I'm driving the company transition to agile practices inspiring the adoption of all the useful engineering practices, like TDD, Clean Code, DevOps culture, and so on...

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TDD for jenkins pipelines


We wrote a lot of abstraction (groovy libraries) around Jenkins pipelines in order to avoid reinventing the wheel and make continuous delivery (on kubernetes cluster) pipelines easy for all the developers. How can we provide such kind of tools avoiding to break everything (see regression)? How can we avoid to waste time manually testing our code? But more difficult, how can we test it on our local machine? I'd like to show the various approaches to TDD we adopted, from unit tests to integration test, running locally and on a live Jenkins instance.

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