Alessio Soldano | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days Ticino 2019
on Saturday 5 October

Open-source software engineer with over 15yrs of experience in the field and people manager of a worldwide distributed and diverse team of engineers. Technical lead of the RESTEasy project and contributor to many other successful open-source projects (WildFly, Quarkus, Apache CXF, Apache WSS4J, Apache Santuario, ...)

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Quarkus super fast java to enable AI in enterprise application


Java has a generally bad name when it comes to its usage outside classical enterprise application because of its boot times and memory footprints. Low memory footprint and quick boot time are very important not only to develop modern cloud and serverless application, but also to develop AI/tensorflow powered microservice. The talk will demonstrate how using Quarkus a java enterprise application could include AI models, keeping low boot time and memory footprint being ready for cloud and serverless.

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